Day 5: Medusa

“Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about a mythical person or creature doing something unusual – or at least something that seems unusual in relation to that person/creature. For example, what does Hercules do when he loses a sock in the dryer? If a mermaid wants to pick up rock-climbing as a hobby, how does she do that? What happens when a mountain troll makes pancakes?”

Do not laugh
For I, too, have
Aesthetic needs
Someone to braid
My serpentine darlings
Bathe them with beauty 
Weave them with warmth
Someone to apply golden gloss
To my untouched lips 
Someone to bear the burden
Of turning their gaze
Not out of fear
But because desire calls
From deep within
In hopes that one day
Someone - anyone - will
Soften to milk
Upon looking into 
My glossy eyes 

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