Day 10: Seeds of love

“Today’s (optional) prompt is pretty simple – a love poem! If you’re having trouble getting into the right mood for a love poem, maybe you’ll find inspiration in one of my favorites, June Jordan’s “Poem for Haruko.””

With soft eyes I watch
As you gently pick out guava
Seeds for your father’s
sensitive teeth 
I tell you that you are sweet
And you say,
“He raised me. It's the least I could do” 
as you sprinkle pinches of garam masala 
Across fleshy fruit

With a warm heart I watch
As you hold your mother’s
Hand when we walk in a garden
I snap a photo of you smirking, 
Questioning my intentions, 
Finding my awe to be trite,  
And I reassure you,
“It’s just for me”
Smiling as I discover
Leftover seeds lodged in my molars
Reminders of small acts
Of deep tenderness 

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